Let us introduce ourselves…

Simple Soul is founded on the principles of Holistic Medicine. We look at the mind, body, and soul and want to help take you back to your roots by keeping health simple. We believe that when the body is well balanced with proper nutrition, adequate exercise, quality rest, and wholesome engagement for the mind, the soul is happy. We help you nourish all the systems in your body to better optimize your health!

Each of us is unique. What works for one definitely doesn’t work for us all. Together, we’ll dive deep into your specific health journey and identify key components to help improve your body’s ability to perform properly.

How does the hair scan work?

We use small tweezers to grab 3-4 hair bulbs, which are then placed on our scanner. Your report is sent back in roughly 12-15 minutes. Then, we thoroughly analyze all the information in the report and develop a 90 day personalized health optimization plan.

Simple Soul specializes in the first 3 pages of the report which gives us specific information on:

  • Immune System
  • Gut Health
  • Cardiovascular System

You’re guided with a 90-day protocol on how to eat specifically for your body!

We rescan in 90 days and see if a better balance has been achieved in all areas of the mind, body and soul.

Clients love Simple Soul!

I loved that her recommendations were all things I could do with eating differently or changing my surroundings. I also loved that even though I had some food restrictions she said that doesn’t mean that you can never eat those foods again it just means to eat them more sparingly and to eat different foods more often. Since my meeting with her I seldom wake up with a gut ache (which I had been most days) and I am sleeping much better. I highly recommend seeing Heather. She is amazing!