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Gilbert, AZ | @simplesoulaz


Married to my best friend who supports all my crazy health ideas! I am a mom to 4 kids who I love and adore and are a big reason for my passion for Holistic Health. I want to make sure what I feed them is as close to its natural form as possible, I am by no means perfect, they still have junk here and there, but the goal is simple and natural. I believe with my whole heart food really is the best medicine. What we put in our mouths directly effects our overall health including our mind and soul and our body’s ability to adapt to all the stress life throws at us.

I have been a trainer for a little over 5 years now and love to workout, but my mind has slightly focused over the years to be more mindful of my mental state and becoming more aware of where my energy is being spent. As I have put more focus on the foods that work right for my body, adapted meditation, along with cold ice bath therapy, I have felt more empowered and stronger both physically and mentally! I want to help others achieve a stronger state not just physically but mentally as well. Simple Soul AZ has a passion for getting back to the basics.

Alida Brock
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Gilbert, AZ | @alida_skintherapy


My name is Alida Brock! I am a licensed esthetician and integrative health practitioner.

I am an acne, aging and hydrafacial specialist. I am also a hair skin and nail specialist l! I love helping everyone feel confident in their own skin. I have always had a passion for skin and nutrition. I believe in healing the skin from the inside out!

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Gilbert, AZ | @simplesoulaz.arian


I was born and raised in health. I had parents and grandparents who invested a lot of time and energy into providing good whole foods for their children as well as a balanced lifestyle that promoted nutrition, physical activity, and mental/emotional well-being. I will forever be grateful for that upbringing!

I have always loved being active and love the endorphins that come with it! Being active has helped me keep up with my always-on-the-move husband and our five children. There was a time when I was feeling pretty awful and ended up doing a lot to fix my hormonal health. After working on my own health and learning more about how much nutrition and lifestyle affect our hormones, I worked for a Bio-Identical Hormone specialist in one of his offices in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since then I have incorporated the things I have learned into my life and the lives of my husband and children. When we are eating healthy foods (the majority of the time), getting enough sleep, living an active lifestyle, and making time to focus on our emotional health, we are all happier and have loads more energy to enjoy life! That way of thinking has been reconfirmed as I have learned about and studied epigenetics (hair analysis). I love helping others feel their best inside and out and feel like this is truly a way to do that!

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San Tan Valley, AZ | @simplesoulaz.graycee


Being a gymnast for 15 years, really taught me how important it is to fuel my body with good nutrients. There came a time when I wasn’t fueling my body enough which showed in my performance. Being in school for nutrition at the time emphasized the importance of fueling our bodies properly especially as an athlete.

I graduated from ASU with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and I am now married to my best friend. I also did some personal training because I love moving my body each day and love the endorphins that come with it. My passion is helping others understand their nutritional needs and helping them to feel their best by overcoming illness, inconsistent eating patterns and mental challenges by adding quality foods into their diet and making small, simple changes. The Epigenetic Hair Analysis gives an individualized report of nutritional needs so that changes can be made based on what you are lacking and need more of!

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Mesa, AZ | @simplesoulaz.charlie


Hi! I’m a wife, a mom and a grandma. I feel so lucky to have all 20 members of my family living within 5 minutes of me – we travel together, eat together and play together. I’m an integrative health practitioner who believes in the body’s ability to heal. I believe that wellness results from positivity, effort and consistency. And I believe in progress over perfection.

My interest in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle was magnified in 2019 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Although I had a long-standing interest in nutrition and environment as it related to overall wellness, for much of my life I relied on good genetics. My interest shifted into high gear when my good health was threatened and I began to research additional ways that I could enhance my health to provide longevity and vigor. The hair scan gave me the answers I was looking for.

The hair analysis is an empowering tool to help me feel proactive and informed about what my body needs. It’s like a roadmap to help guide me on my health journey. I’m very grateful to be able to share the hair scan and its benefits with so many others! I love meeting with my clients and helping them to discover their own roadmaps to increased wellness.

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Texas | @simplesoultx


Health has always interested me, but it wasn’t until I experienced my own health issues — gut problems, food allergies, and food sensitivities — that I took a deep dive into learning how to heal my body through food and other holistic methods. These practices healed my gut, many of my food allergies and sensitivities, depression, and brain fog. We live in a world that claims to have many silver bullets to living a healthy and better life. I have learned that our bodies are unique and there is no silver bullet for healing, but we can use food as medicine to heal our bodies from the many ailments we face.

I am a certified holistic health coach and love to help people learn about the power of food, supplements, movement, and mindfulness. I believe that what we eat, drink, and put into and onto our bodies affects how we feel and how our body functions. I am passionate about helping my clients learn how to nourish their bodies, souls, and minds. The Epigenetic Hair Analysis is a tool I use to help my clients see tangible evidence of what is going on inside their bodies. Together, we will put a plan in place to help you transform your life.

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Thatcher, AZ | @simplesoulaz.courtney


Hi there! I’m Courtney, a mom of 7 beautiful children, 5 strapping boys and 2 girls(angels in my book), and wife to my sweetheart Jared, who is my biggest cheerleader. I was born and raised in the Gila Valley in sunny Arizona. I enjoy running(as long as I have a good podcast), lifting weights, stretching, and hikes with my sweetheart to new places. I have been an athletic coach and fitness instructor on and off for the last 8 years. I have always had a passion for nutrition and wellness, my kids say a little too much passion because of all the podcasts and books I am constantly obsessing over. This pull to nutritional wellness started in college where I was pursuing a nutrition degree. Well, 20 years and a houseful of kids later I have once again returned to my passion. I am currently attending school and will be graduating as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) in June 2022. I have loved all that I am learning about how our food can be our medicine.

I have been through my own health and wellness journey, finding my way through babies, moves, varying illness, weight gain (gotta love baby weight) and loss (over 90lbs). Along the way, I have found true health is found in eating nutrient dense foods and supporting my body through a healthy balance of movements. Optimizing health is a constant topic in our home since I am married to a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Several years ago we decided that we wanted to live a life full of movement and good health, not just live to be old. Functional medicine and nutrition became our jam. I have felt drawn to Holistic Health and have found a wonderful fit here at Simple Soul. I believe our bodies send us messages everyday about ways we can better optimize our health and wellness, we just need to learn to tune into what the body is saying. Simple Soul and the Hair Scan Analysis serves as a huge resource in helping us better understand the language of our bodies. I am excited to help others in their health and wellness journey and take back control of their health.

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Gilbert, AZ | @riley.adele.b


Hey! My name is Riley Brimhall and I’m 20 years old. I’ve been blessed with amazing family and friends that have influenced my journey and have got me to where I am today. After high school I had decided to serve a mission for my church, shortly after leaving I returned home but that experience has put me on my path and shown me the things I am most passionate about. One of those things being nutrition, so I went to school and graduated with an Institute for Integrated Nutrition certification. I had many ah-ha moments as I learned what true health means. I have seen many people I care about and girls my age suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, constipation, acne, intolerances, chronic stress and struggle with periods and infertility. I never thought these things could be connected until now.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that we are all individuals, with our own specific needs. I’ve learned that our bodies are a lot smarter than we are and that given half a chance they will heal themselves, we just have to give them that chance. That is why I was so drawn to be a hair scan practitioner because it is able to find the root causes to our symptoms. It’s not just a band-aid affect that so much of western medicine is about, it’s finding solutions to the cause and the symptoms and making small daily changes to help our bodies heal. So that’s my story, come get scanned and find the answers to what your body is trying to tell you!

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Rexburg, ID | @lwskincare


Life took a magical turn in 2016 when on a divine whim I decided to go to Esthetics school with my daughter. It was there that I discovered a passion for treating acne. It had special meaning to me because as a mom to 4 AMAZING kids, 3 of them did acutane, each several times, and it kept coming back. I felt so frustrated and helpless. Back then nutrition, stress, lifestyle and proper care of the skin wasn’t a topic at the Dermatologists office- we just popped pills and hoped for the best!

Later, after starting my own acne clinic and treating hundreds of clients, despite my best efforts, some clients could not get clear with topical treatments and really great skincare products.

Out of frustration, it led me to a deeper discovery into the role of nutrition and its impact on skin. In 2021 I became a Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner, and I am SO proud of our certified affiliation with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. But I was STILL guessing. One day the stars aligned when I watched a close friend talk about her hair loss on IG and the healing journey she was taking with Heather. It started with a hair sample. She was finally getting answers and I was so happy for her! And then…….a light went off in my brain. Could a simple hair analysis give my clients more direction and clarity when trying to figure out what lifestyle and nutrition changes would benefit them the most for their skin? It’s a definite NO BRAINER YES!

I am grateful to be a part of the Simple Soul team and I am THRILLED to offer holistic and healthy options to other frustrated parents. I want you to know- there is HOPE and you have OPTIONS! Stop the guessing!

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Orange County, CA | @brookebodymind

Brooke Hackworth

Hello! I’m Brooke Hackworth and I live in Orange County, CA with my wonderful husband and our dog Kona.

I’ve been studying nutrition and holistic health for over 10 years and have a huge passion for helping people heal themselves holistically. I’m so lucky to be a part of the Simple Soul Team! Epigenetic hair analysis has been the perfect addition to our business and is something I am very passionate about.

A little about me: I love working out, I love the beach, I love camping with my husband and our dog, Kona. I’m also a homebody so I love to be curled up on the couch watching a show or movie with my family. I’m all about a balanced lifestyle whether it’s what I’m eating or what I’m doing.

I love helping others learn more about the tools they can use to start feeling their best. I’ve learned that you don’t have to sacrifice what you love in order to stay healthy. I’d love to help you on your health journey! Let’s do your hair scan analysis and see what areas we can improve so that you can start feeling your best.

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Arizona | @simplesoul.tanya.thedig


Hey Everyone, I’m Tanya! My husband, Kevin and I moved to AZ 14 years ago from Washington state. We have four awesome children, the oldest two are married and we have four grandchildren. Some things I enjoy are Sunday dinners with my family, paddleboarding, reading, date nights with my guy and being a Grandma!

I have been living with alopecia since I was 12 years old. I just thought it was something that I would have to live with. Autoimmune diseases are so prevalent now, with more than 80 types of autoimmune diseases affecting a wide range of different parts of the body. About 5 years ago I started asking questions and doing research. Through that research I found just how much our mind, body and soul are connected. I started doing emotional work. I devoured books on all the subjects related to emotional resilience. I took classes, went to retreats and eventually found what worked best for me so much so that I became an emotional resilience coach, specializing in the DIG method.

I believe that our mind, body and soul are deeply connected. While also doing the emotional work, I found Simple Soul. The epigenetic hair analysis was key! It is a starting point on a roadmap for our bodies journey. I didn’t have to wonder or guess what my body needs! It was empowering! You can feel that too!

Here at Simple Soul we not only show you what your body needs but can explain the why and how it all works together. My goal is to help and guide you to be intentional about your mind, body and soul.

Book a DIG session, where we talk through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life.

Book a hair scan to find what your body needs to perform at its best.

Our bodies speak to us everyday. What is your body telling you?

Tanya Emmer
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Las Sendas, AZ | @iam_wellness_az

Tanya Emmer

I am an Arizona native, wife to Dane, and mom to two beautiful toddlers, Tate and Sage. Dance, exercise, God’s creations, learning, and teaching have always been my passions. However, everything changed when I became a mom in 2019. I delved into the holistic world, turning my family into my willing guinea pigs.

As I learned to read ingredients, I was shocked by what we found in our food. I also discovered the overwhelming toxins we encounter daily. My true conviction came when I noticed significant improvements in my menstrual cycle through whole foods and toxin elimination. This personal experience led me to use hair analysis during my last pregnancy, resulting in a completely different birthing experience compared to my first.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I am now a certified Integrated Health Practitioner. I feel blessed to continue my wellness journey with the Simple Soul team, where we’re making remarkable strides with hair DNA analysis. I can’t wait to connect with more open and curious minds as we embark on this journey together!

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Mesa, AZ | @macystates_


Hey! I’m Macy, my husband Ty and I are both passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. My passion is finding the root causes to clients every day discomforts through the epigentic hair analysis. I graduated as an integrative health practitioner, therefore I love integrating many forms of healing to help you the best I can!

I find joy in helping those who want to, develop better habits and to live a more fulfilling life! I believe that healthy living is not just putting a bandaid on symptoms but to find the root cause. The foods we eat and the environment we live in play a big role in our overall health.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the simple soul family in changing the lives of our friends, families, and community.

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Austin, TX | @holisticwellnessatx


I am a native Texan, but lived in Central Virginia for 19 years, where I met my husband and we had our three girls. We have been in the Austin, Texas area now for three years and love being here!

My love of all things holistic health stems from my own journey with Hashimotos in my late teens, all the way through three pregnancies, and then being diagnosed with celiac disease and generalized anxiety after my third child was born.

I have been seriously interested in health and wellness for the past six years as I worked on my own struggles and raised my three girls. Last year I decided to take the next step and enrolled to become an integrative nutrition health coach. I graduated in June 2022, and have loved coaching clients through their own health journeys.

I knew I could take things to the next level by using hair scans in my coaching practice. I love this technology because it empowers us to take health into our own hands. It’s a tangible way to see an overview of what is going on with our bodies, what root causes we may be dealing with, and where we need the most support. I am so excited to be on the Simple Soul team!

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Vineyard, UT | @kaylacomstock_


Kayla, born and raised Texan, found her way to Utah where she met the love of her life, Roger Comstock. Together they enjoy spending time with each other by going to movies, working on fitness, eating healthy recipes, traveling, and hanging with family!

Kayla grew in her knowledge of health and wellness as she struggled with many health conditions caused by processed foods and an unhealthy lifestyle. Her passion for health was nurtured as she got a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutritional Sciences from Texas A&M University and training for Epigenetic Hair Analysis testing. She loves helping people create balanced health through preventative health education and holistic health interventions.

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Sandy, UT | @ut.simplesoul


My name is Jayden Garcia! I am 22 years old from Salt Lake City Utah! Health and wellness have been a long time passion of mine. Growing up I was always active playing sports like soccer, dancing, tumbling and cheerleading. This really set me up to be mindful of the things I was doing and putting into my body so I could perform at my very best. From a young age I was always taught to ask questions and after High School is when I really started to struggle with not getting answers to why myself and others were getting sick. With that being said, this is when I started my true healing journey, physically, mentally and spiritually. Absorbing as much information regarding anything and everything about healing our bodies from the inside out.

Over this past year, I received my Integrative Health Practitioner certificate. When I came across this technology, I felt like it tied in everything I had been after in my wellness journey and to bring true healing to everyone, including myself. I have developed a deep passion for bringing healing and longevity to others and I am so thrilled to be a part of this team to get answers to our questions so we can optimize our health and to live to our full potential!

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Washington | @simplesoul.wa


Hi! I’m Jana! I am married to my best friend, and we have 3 amazing kids that keep us busy! Our family operates a dairy farm in the pacific northwest, and I have been a hairstylist for 19 years.

My kids are what drive me to study and learn about our bodies, and our health. My youngest being my biggest teacher. After years of struggling to get to the bottom of his health struggles, we learned more in one hour after doing a hair analysis then we had in all of our years of going to the doctor. That changed our families outlook on health, and how what we eat, and how our environment affects everything we do.

I fell in love with the hair analysis and what it has taught our family, that I couldn’t wait to learn more – and bring it to Washington. It has been life changing for my family, and I love helping other people see what is going on in their bodies. To be able to help you understand what your body is currently needing for support, and how to help you feel better is the best feeling in the world!

Nicole Bluth
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Gilbert, Arizona | @simplesoulaz.nicole


I am a wife and mom to 8 amazing kids (7 boys and 1 girl).  I admittedly obsess about health and nutrition and I am a research junkie.  My passion for health started in college and my career before having kids.  I graduated from ASU in Exercise Physiology and worked in cardiac rehab with heart disease patients both in the hospital and in our out-patient clinic.  I “retired” when I had my first child.  I have learned so much raising kids and my focus is feeding my family healthy and clean whole foods while teaching my kids the value of taking care of their bodies.  I love how much sunshine, exercise, and nutrition can help us heal.

A few years ago I found out I had thyroid and gut struggles and wanted to get to the bottom of it.   I went to specialists and had a hair scan with Heather.  It reignited my passion for health and nutrition.  I put so much work into my own health and did a complete overhaul on how I ate and fed my family.  My kids are always teasing me for how much I talk about clean eating and health.  Our bodies are truly a miracle and have the capability to heal if we treat them right.  Epigenetic hair analysis is a great tool to help everyone in their health journey.

Ashley Allen
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St. George, UT | @Ashleyaa5

Ashley Allen

Im Ashley. I love travel, the sun, quality time, and all things health and wellness. Ive been a practicing RN for 15 years. I met my husband, who is a Neurologist, the year I became a nurse at the young age of 20. We have been tag teaming the pursuit of adventure, medicine, careers, and raising 4 kids together ever since. We’ve lived in the Caribbean, the Suburbs of Manhattan, Arizona, the Midwest, Los Angeles, and now currently we are settling (ish) in Southern Utah.

As an RN I’ve worked in a variety of fields ranging from a pediatric specialty hospital in Salt Lake City, to a skin care clinic in the heart of West Los Angeles. Through every field I’ve worked in, I’ve come to realize that preventative and lifestyle medicine are the most valuable type of medicine. I saw the relationships between nutrition/lifestyle and ailments I saw in every field- behavior, skincare, anxiety, disease, fatigue, and generally just feeling unwell. As we’ve made changes within our own home I’ve realized that this is the form of medicine I want to practice. Based on my background, I love doing pediatric and skincare consultations/scans, but love any type of scan and health journey. Im also interested in optimizing brain function. I am currently training in the Bredesen protocol as a method for holistic treatment to prevent and reverse cognitive decline.

The more I learn, the more I realize is just waiting to be learned! I will never stop educating myself and working to bridge the gap between traditional and integrative medicine-for my self, my family, and my clients. Hope to work with you soon!

Vitamin injections based on assessment and needs