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Gilbert, AZ | @simplesoulaz


Married to my best friend who supports all my crazy health ideas! I am a mom to 4 kids who I love and adore and are a big reason for my passion for Holistic Health. I want to make sure what I feed them is as close to its natural form as possible, I am by no means perfect, they still have junk here and there, but the goal is simple and natural. I believe with my whole heart food really is the best medicine. What we put in our mouths directly effects our overall health including our mind and soul and our body’s ability to adapt to all the stress life throws at us.

I have been a trainer for a little over 5 years now and love to workout, but my mind has slightly focused over the years to be more mindful of my mental state and becoming more aware of where my energy is being spent. As I have put more focus on the foods that work right for my body, adapted meditation, along with cold ice bath therapy, I have felt more empowered and stronger both physically and mentally! I want to help others achieve a stronger state not just physically but mentally as well. Simple Soul AZ has a passion for getting back to the basics.

Alida Brock
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Gilbert, AZ | @alida_skintherapy


My name is Alida Brock! I am a licensed esthetician and integrative health practitioner.

I am an acne, aging and hydrafacial specialist. I am also a hair skin and nail specialist l! I love helping everyone feel confident in their own skin. I have always had a passion for skin and nutrition. I believe in healing the skin from the inside out!

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